Adjustment of product feeds Connection of suppliers Bidding for comparison shopping sites Competition monitoring Pricing Automatic translation Alerts and reports
in a single application.

We programmed everything what we didn't like to solve manually. And we're not done yet - more new modules are in the production. :-)

Conviu contains everything you need to increase the revenue.!

The first 30 days you have it for free to try.

One tool

Do you need to switch from one tool to another?... you don't have to anymore.

In Conviu you have everything in one place. You can update only once and work more effeciently.

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Working hard with the Excel... you don't have to.

Conviu work with data from any source and in any format. Finally, you make order in the feeds.


Being on alert and trying to stay in control of everything... you don't have to anymore.

If something happens, Conviu will let you know right away. Forexample when there are no pictures on the website or the goods are in the wrong category. Time is money.

Module "Alerts"


Do you still need to ask anyone for help, advice or anything else?... you don't have to anymore.

You adjust everything by yourself, even if you are not a professional. We created a Conviu to assist regular people without IT background.


Hiring a secret agent ... you don't have to.

Conviu will regularly report to you about the prices of the competition and which TOP products you are missing in the e-shop.

Module"Competition monitoring"


Do you always have to do everything by yourself?... you don't have to anymore.

Here we are, creators of Conviu. We will train you and use artificial intelligence for bidding, or we will do everything for you.

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Reviews on Conviu

Couviu helps you to save time and money.

Náš feedback na Conviu je určitě velmi pozitivní.
Výrazně se nám usnadnila práce ohledně biddingu i rychlých úprav v xml souboru. S mnoha věcmi jsme na úpravy feedů museli interně čekat, nyní si je upravíme sami.
Díky za to!

Petra Nováková

Teraz mám však automatické prepojenie s Upgates a už nepotrebujem manuálne robiť na dennej báze žiadnu činnosť pre spracovanie mnou potrebných podkladov z dodávateľských XML Feedov.


Řešili jsme spoustu mých drobných i větších problémů s napojením různých dodavatelů, vždy vše vysvětlili, navrhli to nejlepší řešení a nastavili, jak potřebuji.
Za mě 5 hvězdiček. Nic lepšího jsem si nemohla vybrat.

Helena Valo DiS.Dvojčá


And we're not done yet - more new modules are in production.

Adjustment of product feeds

How many times per a day and at what time you want. Conviu will take the current state of your offer, adjust it with rules, optimizing it, and offer it to comparison shopping sites.

Product pairing

It couldn't be easier. The tool offers relevant products for pairing on Heureka.

Connection of suppliers

Conviu can process data from suppliers in any format - most often it is: XML, TXT, XLS or CSV.

Bidding for comparison shopping sites

Conviu has the tool for all bidding strategies, ie cost-per-click (CPC) pricing on comparison shopping sites.

Competition monitoring

You determine your competition and Conviu will monitor its prices. Right in the administration, you will see every day how your products are performing compared to the rival market.

Alerts and reports

It may seem like a trivial matter, but knowing if something does go wrong, you will find out it in time and will make it a lot easier for you.


Set product prices automatically. You can choose from several strategies - order by price, price by selected competitor, with regard to profit margin, turnover growth ...

Automatic translation

Translations of the entire XML or only selected products according to the selected language. You can translate data for expansion to abroad or data from foreign suppliers or your e-shop.

TOP Products

What products are the most popular in each categories? Do you offer these products? At what prices do your competitors offer these products?

Price list

Our prices are advantageous for large e-shops and also for small e-shops. Every new account has 30 days to try for free!

Adjustment of XML files

from 199CZK
  • individual data adjustment
  • data updates every hour
  • possibility to add a rule validity period
  • previews of xml file adjustment
  • possibility to hide unused elements
  • possibility to upload adjustment via csv file
  • and many others ...

Automatic bidding

from 199CZK
  • automatic bidding for Heureka and Zboží
  • updates up to 12 times a day
  • countless rules for bidding settings
  • automatic elimination of unprofitable items
  • bidding by products, categories, brands
  • consulting and training
  • and many others ...

Competition monitoring/ pricing

from 999CZK
  • product prices for your chosen competition
  • the lowest and average price
  • every day for the whole assortment
  • generating statistics into an excel file
  • possibility of connection to ERP system
  • notifications with email / sms notifications
  • and many others ...

Who is Conviu for?

Conviu is really made for you.

With one tool for a reasonable monthly price, you will cover agendas for which you would otherwise need at least 3 different tools… and a half programmer with it.

Managing feeds, comparison shopping sites and prices for multiple clients has never been so easy and fast. Conviu will be appreciated by larger agencies, but also by freelancers. The price is good for everyone.

Do your customers come up with what should be in the product feed? End the endless discussions and give them the dates they want. Also use the monitoring of competition prices and a sophisticated alert system.

Articles and information

Our articles and information related to marketing, bidding and various events.

Prezentace slev po novelizaci ZOS a OZ

Jak již všichni víte, od 6. ledna 2023 přechází v platnost novela zákona č. 634/1992 Sb., o ochraně spotřebitele a zákona č. 89/2012 Sb., občanského zákoníku. Tato novela obsahuje několik zásadních změn, o nichž jsme psali v předchozích článcích. Jednou z těchto změn je prezentace slev.