Do you wish to revaluate all the items you sell, even several times a day? Unimaginable in a old fashioned stores, but a effortless task in on-line store. The magic is finding the right price . Our Pricing module will help you with that. It will do most of the work for you. You just choose a strategy and set rules at the beginning.

Using knowledge of the prices of competitors on comparison shopping sites, you can choose from several interesting strategies for your automatic pricing:

Ranking by a price - For example, you set to be the third from all the sellers, or the cheapest of those in stock.

Prices by choosen competitor - You can set to always be $ 1 or 3% cheaper than your chosen competitor. You can filter your competition by the number of reviews or compare prices only with competitors who have obtained the Verified certificate. You can also set or exclude specific e-shops (according to their name).

Profit margin Maximization - Price is adjusted based on competitive prices, demand elasticity, and your purchase prices to maximize your profit margins and, therefore, your operating profit.

Maximize revenue - If you want to be aggressive and gain more market share, you need the right prices. Conviu's pricing also makes sure you don't sell too cheaply, so you don't lose money unnecessarily.

Minimum and maximum price limits can be set for all strategies. And of course they can be combined. You will probably choose another strategy for your top products and another for longtail.

For pricing, you can specify the time range of the specific day for which it will be applied. Another option is to set rules when you can set the product for automatic sale.

KWhen you put goods in an action flyer, whether printed or email, you'll need to fix your prices for a while. The module therefore allows for the possibility of setting fixed prices for the selected period. Another option is to set rules when each item is automatically sold out .

Conviu has other necessary gadgets for pricing ready for you. An overview of all results and a graph can be found on the statistics tab , where you can also download more detailed results to Excel - for example: how many times a given product has been revalued or margins per product. Products tab contains your products, which you can filter by revaluation or sort by margin, entry price, or proposed selling price. For individual products, you will also see all the detailed information, an overview of your chosen competition or the history of revaluation.

When the e-shop grows above a certain size, manual pricing is not only practically unfeasible, but also completely inefficient. Dedicate your energy to the development of your business, leaving the daily price mini-battles of thousands of items to optimized algorithms.

Pricing processing process

Example of rule settings


And we're not done yet - more new modules are in production.

Adjustment of product feeds

How many times per a day and at what time you want. Conviu will take the current state of your offer, adjust it with rules, optimizing it, and offer it to comparison shopping sites.

Product pairing

It couldn't be easier. The tool offers relevant products for pairing on Heureka.

Connection of suppliers

Conviu can process data from suppliers in any format - most often it is: XML, TXT, XLS or CSV.

Bidding for comparison shopping sites

Conviu has the tool for all bidding strategies, ie cost-per-click (CPC) pricing on comparison shopping sites.

Competition monitoring

You determine your competition and Conviu will monitor its prices. Right in the administration, you will see every day how your products are performing compared to the rival market.

Alerts and reports

It may seem like a trivial matter, but knowing if something does go wrong, you will find out it in time and will make it a lot easier for you.


Set product prices automatically. You can choose from several strategies - order by price, price by selected competitor, with regard to profit margin, turnover growth ...

Automatic translation

Translations of the entire XML or only selected products according to the selected language. You can translate data for expansion to abroad or data from foreign suppliers or your e-shop.

TOP Products

What products are the most popular in each categories? Do you offer these products? At what prices do your competitors offer these products?

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