Conviu has a tool for all bidding strategies, ie cost-per-click (CPC) pricing in all comparison shopping sites. You don't have to even choose - you can apply a different approach to each part of your e-shop's assortiment.

You can set bidding by:

  • required positions (called position targeting)
  • price difference compared to the competition
  • Percentage of Cost of Sales (PNO)
  • profit margin
  • stock availability
  • products in action
  • categories, manufacturers, brands
  • price competition
  • top products

… and if you think this is already so much, don't worry, we are preparing another one!

Thanks to the connection to the Heuré and Zboží.cz APIs, automatic cost-per-click optimization for individual products can run up to 12 times a day, day and night, 7 days a week . And of course, you can also set a maximum cost-per-click and automatically turn off failed items.

Conviu is a powerful tool…so sometimes is better to use a helping hand, becouse an incorrect bidding strategy can be costly. That's why we offer this helping hand, training or external bidding management or ... ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.

Just switch to smart bidding mode and run a smart algorithm that evaluates more aspects in a second than the human mind can absorb in an hour. The algorithm determines which products are to be bidded and at which positions, based on historical data and current parameters.

It will evaluate its efforts using the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) or optimize it by Percentage of Cost of Sales (PNO) .

Example of setting a bidding rule

What can the automatic bidding module do?

  • Bidding can be set for the entire assortiment or a different strategy can be set for different selections.
  • Bidding is recalculated 7 days a week, up to 12 times a day (comparison shopping sites download data every 2 hours).
  • Data for bidding can be filtered according to countless parameters and several hundred variations in the filter - for example: according to the selling price of the product, manufacturer, category, topsellers, margins, ean code, product id, etc.
  • The algorithm evaluates which products will be bidded on the basis of specified criteria - for example: according to sales price, price comparison with competitors, availability, required PNO - according to any attribute specified in the data…
  • Allows you to set the required position, the required PNO, the minimum and maximum cost-per-click.
  • Automatic elimination of non-profitable products.
  • Bidding can also be adjusted according to the day of the week or for certain hours.
  • Regular expressions and FQL languages can also be used for more complex bidding data definitions.
  • Tracking daily performance statistics. They can be downloaded to csv for each day.
  • Set up sending notifications by email, for example: for products that have stopped bidding, exceeded the limit or changed the price…


And we're not done yet - more new modules are in production.

Adjustment of product feeds

How many times per a day and at what time you want. Conviu will take the current state of your offer, adjust it with rules, optimizing it, and offer it to comparison shopping sites.

Product pairing

It couldn't be easier. The tool offers relevant products for pairing on Heureka.

Connection of suppliers

Conviu can process data from suppliers in any format - most often it is: XML, TXT, XLS or CSV.

Bidding for comparison shopping sites

Conviu has the tool for all bidding strategies, ie cost-per-click (CPC) pricing on comparison shopping sites.

Competition monitoring

You determine your competition and Conviu will monitor its prices. Right in the administration, you will see every day how your products are performing compared to the rival market.

Alerts and reports

It may seem like a trivial matter, but knowing if something does go wrong, you will find out it in time and will make it a lot easier for you.


Set product prices automatically. You can choose from several strategies - order by price, price by selected competitor, with regard to profit margin, turnover growth ...

Automatic translation

Translations of the entire XML or only selected products according to the selected language. You can translate data for expansion to abroad or data from foreign suppliers or your e-shop.

TOP Products

What products are the most popular in each categories? Do you offer these products? At what prices do your competitors offer these products?

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