How many times per a day and at what time you want . Conviu will take the current state of your offer, adjust it with rules, optimizing it, and offer it to comparison shopping sites.

Of course, you can also enter the data manually - Conviu can work with XML, TXT, XLS and CSV formats. Conviu can also do bulk edits in XLS.

The output rules allow you to rewrite the category of your e-shop to the category of the relevant comparison shopping sites, as well as to mark stock availability or recalculate prices according to the supplier's profit margins.

You can also set rules for individual products or entire categories that you don't want to send to comparison shopping sites - they will be hidden in the output.

All you have to do is add the category for the Heuré comparator. The corresponding categories on Zboží.cz and Google Shopping will be filled in automatically. Everything is easier for your now.

Export processing process

Example of rewriting rule settings

What can the feed editing module do?

  • Import an XML feed or CSV file in any structure.
  • Bulk edit via uploaded csv or XML or data from Google Sheets.
  • Import XML, via FTP, upload file from computer (most often csv), web services…
  • Update data every hour, can be set to minutes. By lightning speed
  • Merge multiple XML together.
  • Automatic offer of products for pairing
  • Setting a timer for the rule (eg the day and hour of the start and end of the gift event for the product, ie for the duration of the marketing event).
  • Creating new elements that you are missing in the XML (eg gift, transport, custom_label… labels) or optional elements enabling, for example, filtering by labels in Google Ads.
  • Preview the edited data on the right (you can immediately see how the changes are copied to xml).
  • Hide products or elements you don't want in the output XML.
  • Use regular expressions and FQL to create more complex and extensive rules.
  • Category Whisper for Heureka / Goods / Google.
  • Set up manual bidding.
  • Set up the sending of notifications by e-mail, eg for missing images, eans, when the credit is used up, a decrease in imported items and other changes that should not escape you.
  • Export the XML feed in any structure that can be defined.
  • Creation of rules and conditions - modification, addition or hiding of elements or content of elements according to various rules and conditions with the possibility of their combinations.
  • You can also edit vendor feeds (xml files), add additional import (eg prices, availability).
  • Possibility of text editing - shortening the text to the required characters or number of words, adding content, deleting html, etc.
  • All mathematical operations - eg for price calculation.


And we're not done yet - more new modules are in production.

Adjustment of product feeds

How many times per a day and at what time you want. Conviu will take the current state of your offer, adjust it with rules, optimizing it, and offer it to comparison shopping sites.

Product pairing

It couldn't be easier. The tool offers relevant products for pairing on Heureka.

Connection of suppliers

Conviu can process data from suppliers in any format - most often it is: XML, TXT, XLS or CSV.

Bidding for comparison shopping sites

Conviu has the tool for all bidding strategies, ie cost-per-click (CPC) pricing on comparison shopping sites.

Competition monitoring

You determine your competition and Conviu will monitor its prices. Right in the administration, you will see every day how your products are performing compared to the rival market.

Alerts and reports

It may seem like a trivial matter, but knowing if something does go wrong, you will find out it in time and will make it a lot easier for you.


Set product prices automatically. You can choose from several strategies - order by price, price by selected competitor, with regard to profit margin, turnover growth ...

Automatic translation

Translations of the entire XML or only selected products according to the selected language. You can translate data for expansion to abroad or data from foreign suppliers or your e-shop.

TOP Products

What products are the most popular in each categories? Do you offer these products? At what prices do your competitors offer these products?

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