How does the Conviu tool work?

Conviu is a tool that allows you to:

  • Import data .
  • You can then edit the data using terms and conditions. For example, you can set up a category rewrite rule, set up free shipping for branded products, and add bidding to & nbsp; selected products.
  • Exportovat data do požadovaného formátu.

The data is updated several times a day, according to the set timer.

Who can use Conviu?

Conviu is a tool for e-shops, freelancers and agencies . You can use the tool to edit product feeds, vendor feeds, and other data of your choice in a variety of formats.

How do I get an account to Conviu?

You can register at https: //app.conviu .com / signup .

You must agree to the terms and conditions and privacy.

How do I set up data import?

In basic mode, the tool allows you to import product feeds . If you need to import vendor feeds or other data, contact us at and we'll enable extensions for you.
Enter the input XML and choose a format. We recommend that you enable the "Create direct export " option and set how often and at what time the data should be updated.

How do I edit the data?

To edit the data, go to the Product Export module and click the Edit button for the selected export for which you want to edit the data.

On the next page, select "Rules ". You will then have several options:

  1. PAdd element - create a new element in XML
  2. Edit element - edit the element, eg override the value of the element (eg add free shipping for products that meet a certain condition)
  3. Hide element
  4. Hide the entire product
  5. Bulk edit - upload csv with edited data

Click the "Create Rule " button to confirm your edit.

How will the price for Conviu be calculated for me?

In the event that the total number of items increases (and you achieve a higher tariff) or decreases (and thus achieves a lower tariff), we will automatically change your tariff at the end of the month, along with the next billing.

How is the number of products calculated for the tariff calculation?

The total number of products is calculated as the sum of products from all imported xml files of one e-shop. If you have 3 xml files in the application and each of them has 10 thousand products, the resulting number of products will be 30 thousand. It is not possible to add the products of different e-shops (even if they differ only in the domain).

More information and detailed instructions can be found in our documentation at

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